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Price: 0.01 ETHLimit: 10,000 per wallet
What is Capsule House?

Capsule House is a web3 creative studio bringing high-quality art, music, and storytelling to the masses, in unique and innovative ways to become a generation-defining anime and lifestyle brand. CHCC: Genesis Collection Chest is one project under the Capsule House brand. Check out our upcoming projects launching in the coming months in the "Projects" tab.

The Collection

The CHCC: Genesis Collection Chest is an expansion of the Capsule House brand into the realm of digital trading cards! It is a collection of 406 unique 3D animated NFT trading cards based on the world of Capsule House with artwork done by over 170 artists. From smaller artists to Superrare artists to Seerlight and Kaejunni. Open, pull, collect, and trade Capsule Cards!

  • By purchasing a “CHCC: Genesis Collection Chest”, you obtain a NFT that can be burned to “open” the chest and receive 3 random cards.
  • Opening of your “CHCC: Genesis Collection Chest” will be available a week after today’s mint day, November 17th.
  • Each of the 406 unique cards will have varying rarity and edition size. From Commons (200 supply) to Mythics (5 supply).
  • The CHCC: Genesis Collection Chest was built on the goals and values of giving a platform and fair pay to artists.
The Artists

CHCC: Genesis Collection Chest is a celebration of over 170 web3 artists coming together to create something bigger than themselves. We are doing royalty tracking on the token level for each artist; disrupting the model of traditional art at scale. Immerse yourself in the many interpretations of the CapsuleVerse all while supporting artists!

The Team

The Capsule House team is a diverse set of individuals ranging from startup founders, executives, artists, musicians, and writers. Learn more about some of our highlighted team members responsible for delivering this project in the "Team" tab.