PORN-O-TOPIE by u2p050 ----- cayus54

cayus54 is proud to present Porn-O-topie by u2p050

u2p050 is a machine-enterprise born in 2019 that explores the relationship between philosophy, technology, art and science, and highlights new ways of producing conceptual thinking. The members work together as the gears of a single machine.

PORN-O-TOPIE is u2p050’s first exhibition. It is representing pornographic images generated by artificial intelligence derived from 3000+ gonzo porn films. As the computational machine that created the AI-generated images is gathering data from an obsolete form of porno that was determined by the technologic capacities of the time (people were discovering and using camescopes), the experience aims to question the evolution of the pornography market and the media that disseminate pornography. In a time of lockdown of cultural spaces, u2p050 displayed the images in the booths of a Parisian sex shop.