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RealMatter Artwork Tokenization | Hunting (2013)

This is the smart contract for [Artwork - Hunting (2013)] executed on the chip-level blockchain, which uses the real IC chip identity to link real assets and virtual things, and to support legal contracts performing asset management. Real Matter's smart legal contract technology enables real-life contracts to be executed on the blockchain and the metaverse.

This tokenization is the method of wrapping ERC1155 and ERC20 in Real Contract. ERC1155 tokens of [Artwork Original Reprints] with the amount of [25] units are supplied for market, in proof of the enclosed verifiable credential. ERC20 tokens of [Artwork Redemption] with the amount of [250000] units are distributed to the [REDEEM Token] buyers, for the provision of redemption for one time or in stages.

See the Smart Contract Application here

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