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NFT taxes, simplified.

We've partnered with CoinTracker, a leading crypto tax offering, to help you navigate your NFT taxes.

Get started below to get free tax reports for up to 50 transactions in your first year and 10% off for everything else.

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What OpenSea users get


Free for up to 50 transactions

Join CoinTracker to get free tax reports for up to 50 transactions your first year.


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Get 10% off all CoinTracker premium services.


Simple and seamless filing

With flexible filing options, CoinTracker makes managing your NFT taxes easy.


Trusted and secure platform

CoinTracker has over 500,000 users and tracks over $20 billion in crypto assets.

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Frequently asked questions

No. You are responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to your purchases, sales, and transfers of NFTs. If you have specific questions regarding taxes, please consult with a professional tax advisor. Learn more here.

We understand it can feel challenging to work through your purchases, sales, and transfers to determine what taxes may apply. Thankfully, there are third-party services who can help. We recommend CoinTracker as one such service.

CoinTracker is not an OpenSea product, and OpenSea does not share any information with CoinTracker. Items you purchased, sold, or transferred using OpenSea's services will be available in your wallet address history. This history is public. CoinTracker will review your wallet address history to help you determine what taxes you may owe.

Cointracker supports over 300 exchanges and over 8,000 cryptocurrencies. See a full list of supported exchanges here.