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Let’s build the future of digital economies together

Not only are we passionate about our work, we enjoy the people we surround ourselves with. At OpenSea, we build trust, embrace feedback, grow rapidly, and love our work.

Hand in hand

Our Values

Our values are at the core of our efforts to build the best platform for our users

We are tinkerers and technologists — we don’t just read about various cool technological trends for dinnertime conversations, we get our hands dirty with them, and are early to try things out before others. This doesn’t mean we’re all engineers or primarily obsessed with crypto, but we’re all actively engaged in new technologies.
At OpenSea, we strive to get to the right answer. We reason critically and systematically, and we never leave a conclusion at the surface level — we always go a click deeper into the “why” and “how.” We’re fearless with respect to complexity and detail orientation.
Trust is a fundamental pillar of how we show up for the broader web3 community and for our teams. The trust of our user experience comes first, and we don’t sacrifice the stability, reliability and trustworthiness of our platform, even if it means delaying the launch of a feature. Internally, we don’t sacrifice the trust of our teammates and work to build trusting relationships through demonstrating good judgment — reliability, integrity, and competence — over time.
Web3 is a new technological paradigm. It’s fundamental that we collaborate with the web3 ecosystem and build for the long-term because we have a responsibility to build with and for the entire NFT space. We’re lowering the barriers to entry to web3, making it easier for individuals from all backgrounds to participate. Internally, we’re building a team that reflects a broad spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
We are proactive, self-motivated, and self-driven. We pride ourselves on owning outcomes end to end - and at the same time recognize that in the long run we go faster if we operate as a unit. We look for ways to collaborate with others and accelerate each others’ work as a way of reinforcing an inclusive culture where everyone feels like an owner and the best ideas are amplified.
We bias to action and put a high premium on “shipping early and often” because we know that action produces feedback from reality that in turn helps us iterate, learn, and improve faster.
We’re a remote-first company, and we actively embrace that being remote-first requires a completely different way of working and communicating. In the process of embracing these practices, we’re building a shared digital consciousness at the company, a shared brain that allows us to operate with high alignment while distributing work effectively.

Our Perks

Employees are our number-one priority, so we like to take care of them!

Paid family leave

Whether you’re bonding with a new child or taking care of a family member, we understand you need this time off.

Health insurance

Your wellness is important. We've got you covered. Take care of yourself to come to work happy and healthy.

Flexible vacation policy

Sometimes we all need a break. Take one, take many. Just come back recharged and inspired.

Flexible hours

We know you have personal priorities to take care of. Take care of them and work on your own hours; we’re flexible.

Workshops & conferences

Attend relevant workshops and conferences to grow and develop. It’s our priority.

Travel & company retreats

As a distributed team, we take the time to meet up for company retreats.

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OpenSea is one of the most exciting, important companies in the world right now because it's the portal to the new digital economy. If you're interested in shaping a new business model for creators, this is the team to join.

Katie Haun

CEO and Founder, Haun Ventures

Katie Haun